Mr West

Mr. West

Born and raised in Omaha, NE, Mr. West’s entire life has centered around music. From his dad being a DJ since age 17 to his brother being part of a touring band. His journey in to his musical career started at age 10 when his dad gave him his first piece of DJ equipment.

Mr. West officially started his career as a DJ in 7th grade DJ’ing his little sisters father/daughter girl scout dance. And at such a young age, people were amazed by his talents. He continued to DJ for various events throughout out the community – graduations, block parties, and birthdays. Since then he has rocked stages from Omaha to Hawaii.

When asked what has kept him running and striving forward after all this time his response was “ I did not get into this career to make a ton of money, I did it for the love of making other people happy.”

Catch Mr. West on Power 106.9 from 7p-midnight.