Blank Blog

This is where you type in a brief description of what you are going to blog about, etc. If you want to add pictures or videos, use the Themify Builder (below) that I have set up for you, because this will help your blog look great.

In the columns below, you can simply fill in the Text boxes with whatever content you want, and then in the right column you can add any pictures you want that go with what you’ve typed on the left.

If you only want one row of columns instead of 3, or maybe you just want the video at the bottom, simply click on the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the row you want to remove and delete it.

Content Section #1

Here is where you add text, whether that be a story, your opinions/thoughts, or recap of a video or photo that you are sharing in your blog. 

Content Section #2

If you have more content, such as list or something, here is your 2nd section to type out your thoughts, etc. 

Content Section #3

Type anything else you want here, such as a continuation of your list, etc.