Guide to Coronavirus Dating Terms

Guide to Coronavirus Dating Terms

Coronavirus has not only made it tougher to find a partner, it’s changing the way we talk about dating, too. It’s bad enough to have to deal with ghosting and cat-fishing, but now the coronavirus has brought on a bunch of new dating terms we need to learn. Here’s your guide to the pandemic-themed dating terms you need to know.

“Buying the toilet paper”

This phrase describes doing something you know won’t have an impact on your current situation, like triple texting the person who clearly isn’t interested in you romantically.

“Corona Bae” 

Also known as “quarantine bae,” it’s someone you date virtually and start falling in love with during self-isolation.


These are the people who ignore lockdown laws and break self-isolation to satisfy their own need to hook up.


It’s the practice of dating someone during this time of social distancing and self-isolation.

“Social Distancing”

Used to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s also an effective excuse to avoid unwanted romantic situations.

“Post Rona”

The time people fantasize about returning to after the coronavirus outbreak, when they can go back to dating and have contact with other humans again.


This is someone who dates frequently and is promiscuous during the coronavirus crisis.


A virtual date on one of many video conferencing platforms, like Zoom or FaceTime.


More Modern Dating Terms (Older) People May Not Know

This highlights new terms in the world of dating that weren’t invented yet back when we were still kids dating lol