How Are People Coping With Stress & Anxiety?

How Are People Coping With Stress & Anxiety?

There’s no doubt this whole COVID-19 crisis hasn’t been easy for anyone, really. But how we’re all coping? Some are finding interesting ways to deal with the stress – and good thing as three-quarters of Americans say the COVID-19 crisis has increased their stress and anxiety. So, what are they doing to relieve that stress?

According to a new survey:

  • 52% of Americans say they are exercising to relieve that stress.
  • But not everyone’s being healthy, with 32% having a beer, wine or cocktail at the end of each day.

Other ways folks are relieving stress include:

    • Watch TV (42%)
    • Sleep (38%)
    • Meditate (37%)
    • Play games (32%)
    • Call or text family and friends (30%)
    • Closely follow my prescription medications (27%)
    • Have sex (27%)
    • Use CBD (25%)

Source: SWNS Digital

Breathing Techniques to Relieve Anxiety & Stress

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