Rihanna Announces Fenty Skin and Fenty Shoes

Rihanna Announces Fenty Skin and Fenty Shoes

Let’s get real about Rihanna’s pending album…   It’s not happening now.  This is because the world, and more specifically the music world, is at a halt due to no live music.

Touring is where most artists make their money, so it only makes sense that Rihanna finds other way to make money while the population is stuck at home.  She’s found the perfect solution.

Online shopping is booming, and Rihanna hopes you will throw items from her new Fenty Skin and Fenty Shoe lines in your cart.

The Fenty Skin website launched on Tuesday, July 14, and promises to be “the new culture of skincare,” with sales starting July 31.

Her Fenty Shoe line was also announced to launch on July 15.

Are you excited about Rihanna’s skincare and shoe launch?