Save Your Local Music Venues

Save Your Local Music Venues

What would you do without venues like The Waiting Room and Slow Down? These venues have been hit especially hard by COVID closings and cancellations but today there is something you can do to help!

Venues are working together on a regional “day of action” for the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) and Omaha Venues today. So, here’s how you can help…using the link below, write to your representatives and let them know that Slowdown, Waiting Room, Sokol Auditorium, all local venues need help from the 2 bills Congress currently has in session. It only takes :30 and the instructions are below:

Go to or simply CLICK HERE to go straight to the website. Then click on “Take Action,” fill out your info and a letter will be sent to your reps based on your zip code.

Then hit submit, it’s that easy!


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