The Most Awkward Family Encounters On Thanksgiving

The Most Awkward Family Encounters On Thanksgiving

Getting the whole family together for a usual Thanksgiving celebration can be great, but it can also lead to some very awkward situations. Well, now folks are sharing. A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing their most awkward family encounters on Thanksgiving and we bet some folks can relate.

Awkward encounters include:

  • “My grandma put me in a timeout when I was 20 because I drank a glass of wine at Thanksgiving. Mind you we have 30+ people there and I had to sit in a chair for 20 minutes not talking to anyone.”
  • “My grandma asked how my aunt’s sex life was in front of the entire family on Thanksgiving.”
  • “My cat brought my bra downstairs during Thanksgiving dinner, and my grandma said ‘I didn’t know they were that big.’”
  • “At Thanksgiving dinner my uncle said ‘stop going in and out of the house.’ I said ‘stop going in and out of jail.’”
  • “I was helping pack leftovers for Thanksgiving. My great grandma told me not to pack too much because I don’t need to get any fatter. I’m 5’2 and 115 pounds…my boyfriend was standing right behind me.”
  • “The last Thanksgiving my uncle cracked a joke and my sister sprayed soda out of her nose…all over the food. Everyone continued to eat.”
  • “Thanksgiving turkey fail. All my cousins were over for Thanksgiving and the turkey was ready so my uncle tripped over the dog and dropped the turkey out the window.”
  • “Last year my mom dropped the turkey while taking it out of the oven, then she looked at me and said ‘tell no one.’”
  • “My sister-in-law came for Thanksgiving and we got busted doing it in the basement.”
  • “My daughter peed on my parents’ couch on Thanksgiving. I wiped it and flipped the cushion. They don’t know.”

Source: Whisper

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