Americans Would Be Willing To Pay This Much To Have One “Normal” Day

Americans Would Be Willing To Pay This Much To Have One “Normal” Day

There’s no doubt 2020 has been a hard year. And for some, it’s been so tough they’d be willing to pay a lot of money to have just one day that feels like “normal” again.

A new Capitol One survey finds:

  • The average American would be willing to shell out more than $300 to have one COVID-19 free day.
  • 35% would even spend more than $500.
  • As for the activities they miss they miss most, dining out at a restaurant is tops (54%), followed by:
    • Browsing through a store (49%)
    • Spending time with friends (48%)
    • Shopping for fun at the mall (42%)
    • Going to the movies (41%)
    • Having a “day out” (41%)
    • Taking destination vacations (40%)
    • Spending time with family (37%)
    • Going to concerts (34%)
    • Going to bars (26%)

Regarding the 49% of people who miss browsing through stores, the poll finds that most people expect shopping to be changed forever.

  • 80% of people say they haven’t done any browsing in stores since the pandemic hit.
  • 67% don’t think shopping will be the same until there is a vaccine.
  • And even after that happens, 68% believe the days of touching, trying and testing products is over.
  • Right now, 45% of people say they would hesitate to try something on in a store.
  • 42% wouldn’t try food samples anymore.
  • 36% wouldn’t touch produce to test for freshness.

Source: SWNS Digital

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