Charcuterie Houses Are The New Gingerbread Houses

Charcuterie Houses Are The New Gingerbread Houses

Want to change up your snack selection at your Thanksgiving gathering this year? Why not try your hand at a charcuterie chalet? It’s like a charcuterie board – a spread of meats, cheeses and fruit beautifully displayed on a wooden board – except it’s in the shape of a house. Creative, crafty people have been making the houses made from meats, crackers and cheeses, and they’re becoming quite trendy.

Ready to DIY a charcuterie chalet? It’s just like a gingerbread house, so the first thing you’ll want to do is find your foundation. A traditional charcuterie board made from wood or marble is recommended and then you get to design your meat and cheese house.

  • Choose your ingredients – You can use breadsticks, crackers, pretzels or any sturdy snack materials. And you’ll need to pick the meats and cheeses you’ll build your house with. Soft cheeses or cream cheese can work as “glue” to hold walls and grooves together.
  • Gather and prep your building supplies – You’ll need to get everything in the right shapes and sizes to make your vision a reality.
  • Build your charcuterie chalet – Assemble those beef sticks, sharp cheddar slices, pepperoni and everything else you’re using into the snack house of your dreams. Some folks even use herbs to make fake trees and build snowmen out of cheese to decorate the yard.
  • The fridge is your friend – While charcuterie chalets are as festive and fun as gingerbread houses, they can’t sit out like they can. They’ll need to be preserved in the fridge after being assembled and before being devoured.


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