People Are Sharing Their Thanksgiving From Hell Stories

People Are Sharing Their Thanksgiving From Hell Stories

While most people love getting the family together for Thanksgiving, not every Thanksgiving is perfect. In fact, a lot of people have experienced some horrendous turkey days, and they have lived to talk about it.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing their Thanksgiving from Hell horror stories, and it may make you understand why some folks hate the holiday.

Thanksgiving from hell horror stories include:

  • “I discovered my wife was cheating on me on Thanksgiving. We had a house full of people, so I had to pretend I was OK. Worst day of my life.”
  • “My family didn’t invite me to Thanksgiving…I spent the evening crying over a bottle of vodka and McDonalds food. I’ve never felt so alone in my whole life.”
  • “My whole entire family disowned me because I didn’t disown my daughter who came out to me as bi. Me and my husband spent our entire Thanksgiving trying to make her feel better.”
  • “I spent last Thanksgiving sick as a dog. I ended up at urgent care that night. My selfish family couldn’t care less though. They were only concerned that I didn’t bring their favorite dish I always make.”
  • “This Thanksgiving I sat 2 feet away from my dad (who I haven’t seen since Easter) and he didn’t even acknowledge me or his grandson. That really hurt.”
  • “My boyfriend and brother got into a literal fist fight on Thanksgiving. The most uncomfortable thing of my life.”
  • “I’m spending my Thanksgiving alone, at work, by choice, so my kids don’t see me and my wife fight because I caught her cheating.”
  • “We had to call the cops on my brother this Thanksgiving. He was high on meth, completely nude and threatening us with a knife. That was a fun one.”
  • “My boyfriend dumped me on Thanksgiving after being together 4 years. We were supposed to fly home to see my family that day. Spent the day crying in my childhood bedroom.”

Source: Whisper

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