Folks Share Their Shocking Breakup Horror Stories

Folks Share Their Shocking Breakup Horror Stories

Breakups are never easy, but some splits are much harder than others, and that could depend on how exactly that breakup happened. Well, Buzzfeed asked their community to share their worst breakup horror stories and after reading them, we can understand why it may not have been so easy for some to get over their split.

Breakup horror stories include:

  • “I got dumped on April Fools’ Day. It took half an hour to convince me it wasn’t a joke.”
  • “He told me he wasn’t feeling it anymore and it turned out it was because he had been cheating on me with his cousin, whom he lived with. The worst part is, no one knows who the father of her son is.”
  • “He broke up with me on Christmas Eve through Facebook Messenger while we were engaged and I was six months pregnant.”
  • “He texted my mom to tell her that he was planning on breaking up with me when I got off work. The coward couldn’t even break up with me through text. He basically got my mom to do it for him.”
  • “We were engaged, the wedding venue was booked, and everything was set. He messaged me on Facebook Messenger about how he didn’t love me anymore and to let him know when I was ready to talk.”
  • “When I was three months pregnant with our second child, he went away for work and only came home on the weekends. During one of those weeks, he rang me, told me it was over, and said he never wanted our baby! Less than three months later, his new girlfriend was pregnant!”
  • “After almost a year of dating, he left an envelope under my doormat with a note and my key. The note said we couldn’t date anymore because his wife had returned from her tour in Afghanistan. I had no idea he was married.”
  • “We were married for 12 years and decided to start a family. At three months pregnant, he told me that he’d been seeing someone at work, that he never loved me, and that he just felt sorry for me.”
  • “We had been dating for eight months and he broke up with me during sex. He finished, broke up with me, and THEN pulled out.”

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Source: Buzzfeed

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